Transpersonal Yoga

Transpersonal Yoga (TY) Teacher Training is a program that has arisen out of the depths of a yearly prayer from the Lakota Sioux lineage. The intention of this program has always been to support students to discover themselves anew, whether they plan to teach or take the journey as a self-development pathway.

TY combines vast pools of knowledge from wisdom cultures and scientific traditions, incorporating what remains current and discarding what has naturally expired. Our specialised program therapeutically holds participants through a multidimensional process that follows the wheel of life.

Over the years, Shaura’s prayer has evolved into The Pilamaya Centre, the training umbrella for Integration Psychotherapy. The Transpersonal Yoga course is a highly integrative offering held within a frame consistent with Integration Psychotherapy. We deliver theoretical aspects through practical experiences and oral discourse, enabling the students to embody and understand the training material without memorising some complex material.

Course Design

The alchemy of our program initiates or supports processes that culminate in the individuation of Self. It requires the cultivation of self-awareness and leads to healing, integration and completion. The journey is shared through techniques from the Yogic and Earth-based traditions, sharing the use of ritual and ceremony to support the journey. Modern psychological theory and psychotherapeutic holding also support the groups’ process.

There are five parts to the training; each corresponds to one of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has a specifically themed journey that maintains the integrity of the section. Each of the five elements holds a module; each section covers part of the lifecycle, and some practices encourage us to rewrite our history. We discover the archetype of an element, learn about the meridians, learn about the associated organs and explore what kind of practice suits each energy profile.

We teach people to curate authentic multilayered experiences through transformative practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and spontaneous movement. Using meditations and sacred sounds continues to weave the magic together, and each moment becomes the potential birthing ground for a brand-new discovery.

See the module outline for more details.

Learning Outcomes

Personal Growth

  • Recognising the body as spirit manifested into matter
  • Transforming the inner and outer reality by releasing somatically held tension, re-patterning the system, and moving towards personal sovereignty
  • Increasing lifeforce through the taught practices and processes

Group learning

  • Being witnesses for each other as individual processes unfold
  • Learning about the Divine Order through the Ordinary Place and how group dynamics are affected when we are out of alignment 
  • Being a conscious participant when challenging situations arise 

Professional Education

  • Learn to support transformative processes through embodied kundalini, spontaneous movement, yoga asana, breathwork, meditation, journeying, Yoga Nidra, sacred ritual and ceremony
  • Sequencing to create themed experiences that affect mind, body and soul 
  • Curating from the individual creative essence unique to each person
  • Explore methodologies for working with groups and individuals to support the curation of transformational journeys that are client appropriate
  • Use language that promotes transparent direction that supports embodiment and personal growth 

Integration Skills

  • Deepening into practice ethics as informed by Transpersonal Yoga’s principles using self-reflection, internal processing, somatic exploration, and deep meditation
  • Imparting safety and kindness to others who are on the journey
  • Hold profoundly transformative spaces by using embodied facilitation skills based on the experience of the course

Next Intake 2024

The training runs from 1st February – 30th October 2024 to make the course accessible we run it as a hybrid online and in-person journey. The in-person modules are at The Space, Eyam Hall Courtyard S32 5QW
The modules details are below:
EMERGE (online)
1-4th February
AWAKEN (online)
11-14th April
COMPREHEND (in-person)
6-9th June
DEEPEN (online)
29th Aug- 1st September
SURRENDER (in-person)
25-30th October

Course Modules

Module One

Element: Water
Archetype: The Philosopher
Lifecycle: Unborn through to childhood

The yoga and movement to support the module include practices suitable for working with the water element and early life.
We invite you to EMERGE into yourself. 

Integrative Sciences
The basics of cellular biology
How the body forms in embryology
The cells and organisation of the nervous system
The peripheral nervous system
The energy bodies (pañcha koshas)
Introduction to Meridian Theory
The meridians of the kidney, urinary tract, and bladder.

Philosophy and Wisdom
The Story of the Lakota White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman
Introduction to the Seven Sacred Virtues of the Lakota People
The role of ceremony in today’s world
The Yamas and Niyamas
Introduction to the Shakti and Shiva dynamic

Module Two

Element: Wood
Archetype: The Pioneer
Lifecycle: Adolescence

The yoga and movement to support the module include practices suitable for working with wood on the journey through adolescence.
We invite you to AWAKEN to the grand design of you. 

Integrative Sciences
Developmental milestones of complex movement patterns in the early years
Understanding the connections between movement and posture and emotional habits
Introduction to neuroplasticity and the potential for biological change
The functions of the autonomic nervous system
Neurobiology of the stress response
Introduction to trauma-informed ways of being and conscious teaching
The Energy Body (in the pañcha koshas)
The meridians of the liver and the gallbladder

Philosophy and Wisdom
Introduction to Lord Hanuman Ji
The Bhagavad Gita and the types of yoga

Module Three

Element: Fire
Archetype: The Wizard
Lifecycle: Early adulthood

The yoga and movement to support the module include practices suitable for working with fire on the journey through early adulthood.
We invite you to COMPREHEND the truth of what you are.

Integrative Sciences
Understand how the enteric nervous system functions
Comprehend the workings of the circulatory system
Experience the inner and outer vāyus in movement and breathwork
The meridians of the small intestine and the heart
The history of and practical use of Mudras

Philosophy and Wisdom
Working with fire rituals
Introduction to Lord Agni
Agni Yoga

Module Four

Element: Earth
Archetype: The Peacemaker
Lifecycle: adulthood to middle age

The yoga and movement to support the module include practices suitable for working with earth on the journey through the middle years.
We invite you to DEEPEN into the vastness of you. 

Integrative Sciences
A Quantum view of reality
Field Theory and working the field
Understand the evolution of the chakras from the Vedas to a map for modern day healing 
The meridians of the stomach and the spleen.

Philosophy and Wisdom
Explore the deities associated with the seven major chakras: Brahma, Ganesh, Vishnu and three forms of Shiva.
The evolutionary pathway of Shakti

Module Five

Element: Metal
Archetype: The Alchemist
Lifecycle: Elder

The yoga and movement to support the module include practices suitable for working with metal on the journey of the elder.
We invite you to SURRENDER to the Great Mystery.

Integrative Sciences
The respiratory system, oxygen saturation and the effect of mind-body practices
Returning to the function of the lymphatic system and the impact of movement on it
The meridians of the large intestine and the lungs
Deep practices for spiritual development
Preparing for endings

Philosophy and Wisdom
The Devi Gita
Holding ceremony for closing and celebration

A doorway awaits each of us; it requires that we truthfully integrate and complete the processes we have opened. In a moment in time, the portal appears, and we must be ready to jump.

– Shaura Hall

Entry Requirements & Suitability

In general, students who have been on a path of discovery for over four years will get the most out of this course; they will not necessarily teach yoga or want to. There is a requirement for students to have self-competency as a learner, to exhibit self-awareness and confidence, self-reflection and self-responsibility.

  1. This course is open to students of yoga and spirituality who want to take a deep dive into the Self, learn from an embodied perspective and reset their life parameters.
  2. Those with 200-hour foundation teacher training will go away with an understanding of ceremony and the capacity to hold profound spaces, together with a fresh set of practices and perspective on teaching asana.
  3. Students who enter via another pathway will learn to lead a movement-based practice that includes some of the oldest teachings known to yoga.

* For those wishing to top up their learning to a 300-hour certificate, we advise taking our 100-hour Meditation and Facilitation for Mental Health course.


The full Investment for this training is £2700, including a non-refundable deposit of £1000 that is required when booking.

The deposit will be taken once the student has been accepted onto the course, at this point the student becomes liable for the training. 

Following receipt of a deposit, the remaining balance is due prior to the commencement of training. However, we do understand that this is a serious investment and are happy to discuss payment plans that can extend after the first weekend on the proviso that a contract is signed between the student and TY to confirm student liability for the full fee.

We have made every effort to make this course financially accessible both in our pricing and payment structure. In line with the ethos of TY  we operate a 100% transparency policy, this means that we do not enter into special payment deals.

Student Liability

Once admitted onto the course, each student is liable for the entire training fee; Shaura Hall is not obligated under the trading name of The Yogologist or Pilamaya to refund monies if a student decides not to attend or complete the training. 

If a student becomes ill during the course, we will do our utmost to support the student to complete the course, but we cannot refund any course fee. Should the student have the good fortune to become pregnant, we will support the process, but we cannot refund any course fees. 

Please exercise due diligence and digest the material above fully to decide whether this course is for you. If this course calls to you, then come with an open heart.

Assessment and Graduation Requirements

We continually assess the progress and process of each student as an individual participant, as a group member, and soul on a learning journey with Pilamaya. The course allows significant periods for students to work alone, in pairs, triads, and small groups for self-directed learning. As part of the assessment strategy, participants will deliver practices to each other, give feedback to group members, self-reflect, and complete a self-assessment form online. The online form records all of the assessment criteria for the course; it also allows the student to observe their TY journey from start to finish. Homework is set to support each module and can vary from cohort to cohort. 

Students are required to complete:

  1. Self Assessment form throughout the course based on The Seven Sacred Values of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman 
  2. 1000 words of reflection to sum up their journey with the Seven Sacred Values 
  3. Five full-day workshop plans based on the elements of TCM to show proficiency in creating a themed experience that includes some of the aspects of the course

We also expect students to have undergone the personal processes that lead to safe space holders; this includes upholding the values and ethics of Transpersonal Yoga and The Pilamaya Centre. We reserve the right to require students to undergo a probationary period before graduation, including agreeing to be mentored by one of the TY graduates at their own expense.

  • The course requires 85% Attendance, and students are to keep records to show they have met the requirement 
  • Students must attend all module weekends unless it is agreed otherwise.
  • Home groups must practice together at least once a month.

For those interested in psychotherapy, our Integration Psychotherapy Diploma course is a two-year accredited course that is taught at level 5 (undergraduate degree level). Transpersonal Yoga 200-hrs is oriented towards level 4 and provides a pathway for those who wish to take our psychotherapy training.

Details are provided upon request.


The Pilamaya journey in Transpersonal Yoga has been a voyage into the deepest parts of myself. I have emerged from the training as a fuller, freer, more potent version of myself, with confidence to hold nourishing, authentic space for others as they come closer to a sense of their own true nature. The spirit of Pilamaya holds each of us as individuals as we learn to recognise the patterns, programs and conditioning that have created division within and distance from the truth of who we are as human beings. Pilamaya also holds the consciousness of the group and has the capacity to respond and reshape itself for whatever arises from moment to moment and over time… This is the transpersonal field.

Leah Marshall, Forest of Dean 2020-21

The integration of different styles, theories and elements of practice brought a welcome depth to the inquiry, and the unique co-creative experience of learning and interaction with the group felt profoundly supportive and meaningful. Within the Sangha, Shaura created a beautiful immersive atmosphere, and the connections that were forged over the 2 years became incredibly important to me, nurturing a feeling of safety, and of being held and seen in my truth. This is the gift of Pilamaya; allowing the expression of each individual to find voice within the whole.

Amy Bartle, Sheffield 2020-21



Permission from First Nations elders has been given to share any of the First Nations concepts or songs that are offered on this course


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