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Welcome to the Pilamaya Centre; we are a professional training organisation and home to Integration Psychotherapy® (IP), our emerging therapeutic approach that sees the Self as a multi-dimensional experience that orbits the body and can be reached through somatic processes.

Our ground-breaking work blends classical and somatic psychologies with neurobiology and promising fields such as yoga therapy; it also embraces multifaith spirituality and honours the timeless wisdom of ancient ceremonial customs to bring a fifth wave of transpersonal psychology into these shifting times.

Pilamaya Centre offerings include a level 4 certificate in Transpersonal Yoga (TY), which shares a profound personal journey through the seasons of life, mind and body traditions and is held in a ceremonial container designed for the student to find their way to the home of Self. Our level 5 accredited Integration Psychotherapy Diploma course prepares those entering the field to work with a high level of competency. There is also a range of CPD courses designed to meet the growing need for practitioners to work multi-dimensionally with clients. Unless otherwise stated, all psychotherapy courses are accredited by the National Council for Integrative Psychotherapy (NCIP).

Our co-founded community initiate Integration Psychotherapy Services CIC (IPS) contributes to the field by delivering subsidised psychotherapy to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

At the heart of our work is a mission to serve the spirit of our times by expanding the frontiers of what is possible in the helping fields. We are also committed to furthering the capacity of humankind to be conscious caretakers of each other and the planet


– Shaura Hall, Founder & Director


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Our location is in the heart of the peak district in The Pilamaya Centre in Eyam Hall Courtyard. In addition to providing an in-person venue for many of our training courses, the centre includes The Space, which additionally offers weekly yoga classes, healing workshops, training and personal development opportunities through The Yogologist. Visit The Yogologist today to learn more about what else is on at The Space.

Eyam Hall Courtyard, Main Road, Eyam S32 5QW United Kingdom

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